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"Speaking of law schools, if you're thinking of going, this is the kind of analysis you should undertake"

"I have never before formally endorsed a 'commercial' outfit. Advise-In Solutions is more than another test preparation company. It is a full-service program with the objective of helping every student enrolled in the program earn his or her best score on the LSAT, helping those students put together impressive applications to law school, and actually providing them with the chance to simulate the law school experience prior to matriculation. The biggest difference between Advise-In and other companies is its founder, Dr. Kyle Pasewark."
– Dr. Frank Guliuzza, President, American Collegiate Moot Court Association; former Chair, Pre-Law Advisors National Council; former President, Western Association of Pre-Law Advisors


“If getting the highest possible score on the LSAT is really important to you, then I highly recommend signing up with Advise-In Solutions.  When the day of the test came, I went in more prepared than I have ever been for anything in my life – and walked out of the test room with a 179!!  Could I have gotten that from a group class, or from a book?  Definitely not.  Kyle’s guidance on every step of preparation was what allowed me to reach my peak performance on test day, and to come away with a score that surpassed even my expectations for myself.  Dr. Kyle Pasewark’s straightforward program, personal attention, and rigorous attention to detail made it so that Advise-In Solutions was the best money I have ever spent (and I always spend my money carefully).  In addition to his academic acumen and years of teaching experience, he’ll support you as your personal coach every step of the way.  On top of that, he’s truly enthusiastic about teaching you.  He was genuinely excited for me whenever I made progress – sometimes more than I was!"
—Jessica Boulet, NYU Law (179 LSAT; 19-point improvement to 99.9th percentile); Georgetown University undergrad


"I highly recommend Kyle Pasewark’s test prep and law school application services. Kyle proved a tremendous resource as I studied to retake the LSAT. He helped me pinpoint patterns in my errors and develop concrete tools to address them. His guidance for simulating the exam also helped me improve my concentration and handle the anxiety of test day. Kyle is personable and generous with his time. I studied for the LSAT while outside the U.S., and he was always flexible in arranging times to consult over the phone and Skype. He will be with you every step of the way.

Kyle also has extensive experience with the admissions process, a keen attention for detail, and a critical eye. He helped me polish my application materials and then package them so as to highlight my strengths. He is also committed to helping applicants maximize their financial aid. I not only gained admission to many top law schools but also earned several lucrative scholarships."
– Danny, Harvard Law School


"I cannot recommend Kyle’s services highly enough, he is the top investment I have made thus far.  I will attend NYU Law in the fall with exactly what I had hoped for in financial aid.  Kyle provided personalized mentorship, consultation, knowledge, and expertise through every step of the law school process, from studying for the LSAT to negotiating for financial aid. Working with Kyle is absolutely priceless. And the price paid for his services was more than recovered through the financial aid I received from every school I seriously considered.

I began studying for the LSAT using TestMasters preparation materials, however, a mentor and friend attending Harvard Law recommended Kyle’s services.  Kyle’s thorough and personalized approach was exactly what I had been looking for.

Kyle was always available to me, even when we were in different time zones. He created a personalized study plan that didn’t burn me out but was rigorous enough to leave no doubt I had done as much as I could to prepare for the test. When the day of the test arrived, I felt 100 percent prepared. I knew that I had achieved my potential on the test. I had zero regrets or “what if’s” in my mind.

The LSAT is not the only important piece of the application, however, and Kyle helped me craft the ideal application package that showcased my strengths and passions. Kyle edited my personal statement and offered suggestions for approximately 20 drafts. He diligently ensured that the statement remained in my own words, and was what I wanted to convey to law schools.  The final product is something I am immensely proud of and feel rounded out my application package. With Kyle’s assistance I was able to present to schools a strong LSAT and personal statement, both of which I needed to get into top law schools.

When it came to applying to schools Kyle assisted me in creating a well-rounded list of reach schools and safety schools. I ended up applying to 15 law schools. He assisted me with my diversity statement and resume with the same rigor as my personal statement. He also proofread the statements that were unique to each school. I was able to get my application in early.

As I received invitations for interviews, Kyle helped me prepare individually for each interview. He was readily available to brainstorm which questions I should prepare for and any additional research I needed to do on the school. I am a fairly tentative interviewee, however, Kyle helped me prepare so thoroughly I had very little doubt or anxiety. Each interview went as well as can be planned and increased the strength of my applications. As the acceptances began rolling in, my confidence in Kyle’s preparation was repeatedly confirmed.

Then came the final stage of the application process: how to actually pay for law school. I initially thought that negotiating for financial aid would be intimidating. However, with Kyle’s help each step of the way, I was able to reach my desired level of aid. Kyle began by helping me set a goal for both my ideal financial aid package and bottom line for each school. Then he advised me through the process of laddering up to my top schools."
--Sophia Henager, NYU Law (Gonzaga University undergrad)


"When I started studying for the LSAT, I was reading PowerScore, but after watching only one of Kyle’s video tutorials, I had more tools in my arsenal than I did with PowerScore’s entire book series. With Kyle’s instruction the test became simple. He also guided me through the application process with ease and precision. The best aspect of Kyle’s program is that it is completely tailored to you. My sibling also used his program, but Kyle’s teaching style and advice was different for each of us. He geared the program to meet our needs, solidify strengths, and conquer weaknesses. On test day I felt completely prepared to handle every section. Thanks to the Advise-In program I increased 56 percentile points from my first test and got into my dream school. My sibling also improved their score and got into the school of their choice! By far the best program out there."
--Isaac Syed, Cornell Law (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute undergrad)


"Kyle is the most helpful academic adviser I have ever worked with. He is meticulous, clear, kind, and forthright.

What impresses me most about Kyle is his ability to recognize B.S. Kyle helped me turn meandering personal statement drafts into focused final products. He instilled in me a mindset to constantly ask myself “so what?” when writing. That mindset was vital to my success in law school.

Kyle also taught me that the key to law school and L.L.M. admission was to convey your own story. “What drives you?” he’d ask. That direction motivated me to write personal statements that represented me. At the same time, Kyle assisted me in navigating the subtle balance between individuality and excessive risk. You could be yourself, yet you are seeking admission to a law school, he’d remind me. Kyle would highlight anything that could offend or be misinterpreted. And, let me tell you: I needed those reminders.

I believe that Kyle’s advice was instrumental in securing the many offers of admission I received. I could not recommend him more highly."
--Jacob Roth, Columbia Law School L.L.M; University of Toronto Law School (Queen's University undergrad)


"Signing on to work with Kyle proved to be one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I scored a 172 on the LSAT, gained admission into top law schools, and was offered generous scholarships. My family and I viewed Kyle’s advising as an investment. While it felt like a significant amount of money at the time, I believed that trusting Kyle and working hard would translate into the opportunity to attend a prestigious school, ideally with a scholarship. With Kyle’s expert advising, I chose a school that offered my ideal dual degree program and two significant scholarships, thus allowing me to avoid taking out loans.

My success on the LSAT was the result of my work with Kyle. His approach to LSAT preparation is so effective because he knows everything there is to know about the exam and he is a phenomenal teacher. Kyle makes the LSAT feel manageable and coherent through his highly individualized approach. Early on, I noticed that he had figured out my learning style, strengths, and weaknesses and was adapting his instruction accordingly. My improvements came from Kyle’s extensive feedback and the way he tailored my daily exercises to the areas I needed to focus on at a given time. I appreciated that he knew when to push me and when to ease up. Trusting Kyle and putting in the time and work pays off on test day.

Kyle’s value extends far beyond LSAT preparation. He coached me through the application process, beginning with mapping out the components of a successful application and helping me assemble my list of schools. He guided me in narrowing the scope of my personal statement, deciding on a topic for my diversity statement, and revising drafts. He read my many supplemental statements as well.

As interview invitations came in, Kyle was always ready to give me pointers. He explained what to expect, taught me strategies for articulating strong answers, and advised me on generating effective questions. Similarly, when I visited schools, Kyle again prepared me with his helpful advice, which was consistently grounded in his understanding of what mattered to me in a school. Finally, Kyle and I weighed options and he supported me in choosing the best school for me, rather than simply the most highly ranked option.

Kyle is fantastic at his work and dedicated to his students. He is a person of the highest character. His commitment, knowledge, kindness, and sense of humor make him exactly the person you should want to guide you through the challenging law school admissions process."

--F. S.


"I cannot speak highly enough of Kyle and his unique approach to conquering the LSAT with Advise-In Solutions. Kyle was not only a tutor, but a mentor and counselor. Kyle not only helped me overcome the LSAT, an obstacle that I previously believed to be insurmountable, but over the approximately ten months we worked together, expertly advised me on my personal statement, supplementary essays, interviews, and resume to help me craft the most compelling and cohesive application possible.

When I started the 10-week program, my anxiety was so great that I could not do practice problems without having panic attacks. Kyle’s program, and its intense focus on test-taking strategies, mentally prepared me so well for test day that my score was higher than it had ever been on any practice test (approx. 50 percentile point increase from diagnostic to test day). 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Kyle was truly life changing. I got into my dream law school, something I know I couldn’t have done without Kyle and Advise-In Solutions. I couldn’t recommend anyone or any program more highly!"
– Sydney Wright-Schaner, Georgetown University Law Center (Hamilton College undergrad)


"It was a fantastic and gratifying experience navigating the LSAT preparation and admissions process with Kyle Pasewark, a perfect 180 scorer, law school admissions expert, and all around brilliant educator and pre-law career advisor.

Kyle made what to me seemed enormously complicated and confusing a rather simple process. Kyle taught me precisely which steps to take on which types of questions in a way that was easy to understand and even easier to apply. All in a one-on-one setting that quickly identified my personal exam taking weaknesses and assigned me exercises specifically designed to address and improve them.

Kyle’s work with me extended far beyond LSAT preparation. He offered top flight strategic advice on constructing the best possible comprehensive admissions package. From helping to craft a stellar personal statement, to targeted applications based on likelihood of admission, and even to interaction with admissions offices after applying, Kyle’s insights and expertise enabled me to exploit every possible opportunity throughout the admissions process to increase my odds. Kyle even had discussions with me regarding how to best decide between my top two or three admissions offers and more casual conversations about life in law school and as a lawyer.

The investment I made into Kyle’s program was returned many times over in a great outcome for one of the most important events of my career; admission into a top 10 law school. It was a pleasure working with Kyle along every step of the way."
--Sean Kiernan, University of California, Berkeley, Law School (California State, Fresno undergrad)


Kyle knows the LSAT in its entirety. I always wanted to go to law school but kept putting it off. Kyle slowly pushed me and held my hand through each step of the way. I am glad he took me on as a client. As the first person in my family to attend law school, I am glad he was my accountability partner. If it were not for him, I would be studying for the LSAT two years later, and still wanting to go to law school. Now I will be able to make it a reality.
--Carneil Wilson


"Despite my academic success in the classroom, I struggled with performance anxiety during standardized admissions exams throughout my education. Kyle's patient tutoring approach allowed me to master the subject matter of the LSAT and my nerves, putting me at ease and increasing my confidence in my abilities. He expertly identified my weaknesses and distilled down the complexities of the LSAT, which allowed me to comprehend and internalize the core mechanics of the exam.

Even though I postponed submitting my applications for 5 years after taking the LSAT, Kyle was with me every step of the way. When I was finally ready to apply, I contacted Kyle and we picked up exactly where we left off.

Kyle focused our admissions strategy on the 'soft' components of my application package to help me stand out from the crowd. Kyle's perspective was essential to crafting and refining my personal statement and supplementary essays. He helped me identify and connect disparate parts of my background and experience to highlight personal qualities that made for a compelling statement and rounded out my application.

Advise-In Solutions was absolutely essential to the success of my law school application process. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to attend a top law school. Without Kyle's expert advice, personally tailored admissions strategy, and constant patience and support, I would not be attending a top 14 school, much less my top choice, NYU."
--Jared Greenfield, NYU Law (Hunter College undergrad)


"If you're serious about law school, I strongly recommend Kyle's services. Kyle is a pleasure to work with and takes his work with clients very seriously. I'm able to look back knowing that I did the very best I could have on the LSAT and that I got the best financial aid and admissions packages available. If I hadn't turned to Advise-In, I would always be wondering whether I could have done more.

I have found that many of Kyle's lessons have carried through to this day. I used many of his LSAT tips and tricks during the bar exam and I followed his admissions strategies when I applied to law firms during on-campus recruiting. Additionally, I believe that my ability to think deeply and critically about issues now as a practicing lawyer started with my work with Kyle and I'll be forever grateful for that."
-- Jacob Y., GW Law graduate, Associate at AmLaw 100 Firm


"As a non-traditional, second career law school candidate, the LSAT was intimidating.  I needed a rigorous structure. Dr. Kyle Pasewark was the right person at the right time. I worked with Kyle remotely. From the beginning, I felt secure that I had entrusted  the right person to be by my side. Kyle consistently and respectfully gave me feedback that allowed me to learn from my mistakes and to build the confidence necessary. Kyle introduced me to learning my own style for building stamina for the marathon of the LSAT, law school and eventually sitting for the Bar. Without reservation I can recommend Advise-In Solutions. It continues to be an education worth the investment."
-- Michele A. 


"When deciding how to proceed with my LSAT preparation, I was led by a single question: ‘What will help me attain my best possible score?’  After evaluating several different opportunities, the answer was undeniably clear: Advise-In Solutions.  Kyle Pasewark is quite simply the best in the business.  His knowledge of the LSAT, and more important, his superior talent for teaching personalized strategies for success on the test, are unmatched.  Furthermore, his enthusiasm for the test preparation is evident and contagious.  Kyle uses engaging analogies and constant encouragement to help you build the complete skill set you will need to obtain your best score.   I would often do my LSAT prep after a 12-hour workday, and it was something I looked forward to and was sincerely excited about each time.  I cannot imagine heading into test day any more prepared than I was thanks to my Advise-In preparation.

From the initial stages of test preparation through the final decision of where to place that seat deposit, applying to top law schools is a long and arduous process.  From our very first conversation through the final thoughts of which school to pick, Kyle was always available and relentlessly supportive.   From advice on asking for letters of recommendation to advice on responding to law school offers to ensure you are getting the best financial package possible, Kyle’s guidance was essential.  Despite having below a 3.3 GPA, next fall I will be attending my top choice, Northwestern University Law School.  Not a day goes by that I am not incredibly grateful to have made the decision to sign up with Kyle and Advise-In Solutions, and I would highly encourage anyone who wants to get in to the school of their dreams to do the same."
—Eric Walder, Northwestern Law 


"Worth every penny.  When I started with Kyle, I was testing around a 150.  By the time we finished, I ended up with a 167 on the actual LSAT of October 2010.  Easier to understand, I went from the 50th percentile to finishing in the 95th percentile.  Kyle organized daily exercises and practice LSATs and personally reviewed everything to see my patterns, mistakes, and where I needed to improve.  I have a very difficult schedule between working full time and going to school full time (to say nothing of the two-hour time difference between the two of us).  Despite all of this, Kyle was always available to talk with me about my latest test or set of exercises.

After completing Advise-In's LSAT program, I continued with Kyle Pasewark's  law school consulting program and have been equally impressed with his advice and help pertaining to applications, supplemental essays, and especially my personal statement.  He also did specific research for me detailing the top schools in my GPA and LSAT score range, my chances at each, and gave me specific advice for the schools I chose to apply to.  I would not be in the position I am in, with the opportunities open to me, if it weren't for Kyle Pasewark."
– Jason Zundel, BYU Law (Weber State University undergrad)


"I cannot speak highly enough of Advise-in Solutions. When I entered exam day, I felt as ready as I could possibly be. My LSAT score was a sixteen percentile increase from the diagnostic exam I took before I began the course, and I scored higher than 4 of every 5 people who would otherwise have been ahead of me.

What makes the course at Advise-in Solutions particularly worthwhile is the personal interaction and customizing of your preparation. Kyle is always available, acts as your guide and, as he puts it, 'your conscience, Jiminy Cricket,' there to make sure you are on top of your assignments, know how to tackle every type of question, and are always ready to answer the question in front of you."
--Alex A. Akhavan, UCLA Law


"Your time and talent gave me the edge I needed to go into the LSAT with confidence. The techniques were priceless. I particularly struggled with games, and they went from my weakest section to my strongest. I could not have succeeded as well as I did, including receiving a merit scholarship, without your help. I am forever indebted to you for all the hard work you put into my future. "
– Rachael Whitaker 


"Before working with Advise-In Solutions, I felt the same pressure to score well on the LSAT that all first-time LSAT takers experience. I was overwhelmed by the immense amount of information out there. But as an Advise-In Solutions student, I was given the fundamental skills and tools that not only helped to eliminate the mystery and intimidation that shrouds the LSAT, but also gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to put my best foot forward on test day. Advise-In Solutions turns the LSAT into a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with insights that will carry you beyond law school. By working with Advise-In Solutions, law schools that were originally out of reach suddenly become very real possibilities."
– Lillian 


"I recommend Advise-In to anyone who is serious about the LSAT. The program surpassed my expectations and easily surpassed what any other program could have helped me achieve. I couldn't imagine any more personalized, rigorous and holistic program. There were no tricks or gimmicks, only straightforward techniques that were easy to learn and apply."
– Jason Moor, Manager, S.R. Labby LLP, New York, NY (University of Maine undergrad)


"The best LSAT instruction available anywhere. I was surprised and moved by the personal, individual and caring touch. I was able to attend a Top 25 Law School and I am a named partner at our law firm."
– Will Rodgers, Partner, Spencer & Rodgers, LLC


"Dr. Pasewark is one of the most influential teachers of my life. He helped me make an all or nothing choice to take the LSAT, then stuck with me to help me accomplish my goals."
– Taymour Semnani


"Dr. Pasewark far exceeded my expectations, providing me with insights on choosing which law school to attend, as well as earnings potential. I recommend Advise-In without reservation."
– Christopher M. Russell, Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP


"Kyle was there throughout the entire process to lead as an expert, but he respected me like a colleague. I didn't fully appreciate the one-on-one attention until the writing stage. Every minute of our time was devoted to making my application personal, idea after idea, draft after draft. We highlighted my strengths and overshadowed my weaknesses to create a package that made me different from every other candidate, resulting in competing scholarship offers and a seat with my name on it. I look forward to working together in the future to maximize my career potential."
– Nathan Canova, Associate, Dosey & Whitney, Minneapolis


"Much of what I have learned about lawyering has come from Kyle."

"Working with Kyle is among the most challenging and satisfying components of my time so far [as a lawyer]."
– Anonymous upward reviews by junior lawyers


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