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“If getting the highest possible score on the LSAT is really important to you, then I highly recommend signing up with Advise-In Solutions.  When the day of the test came, I went in more prepared than I have ever been for anything in my life – and walked out of the test room with a 179!!  Could I have gotten that from a group class, or from a book?  Definitely not.  Kyle’s guidance on every step of preparation was what allowed me to reach my peak performance on test day, and to come away with a score that surpassed even my expectations for myself.  Dr. Kyle Pasewark’s straightforward program, personal attention, and rigorous attention to detail made it so that Advise-In Solutions was the best money I have ever spent (and I always spend my money carefully).  In addition to his academic acumen and years of teaching experience, he’ll support you as your personal coach every step of the way.  On top of that, he’s truly enthusiastic about teaching you.  He was genuinely excited for me whenever I made progress – sometimes more than I was!"
—Jessica Boulet, NYU Law (179 LSAT; 19-point improvement to 99.9th percentile)

"I cannot speak highly enough of Kyle and his unique approach to conquering the LSAT with Advise-In Solutions. Kyle was not only a tutor, but a mentor and counselor. When I started the 10-week program, my anxiety was so great that I could not do practice problems without having panic attacks. Kyle’s program, and its intense focus on test-taking strategies, mentally prepared me so well for test day that my score was higher than it had ever been on any practice test (approx. 50 percentile point increase from diagnostic to test day). Kyle not only helped me overcome an obstacle that I previously believed to be insurmountable, but over the approximately ten months we worked together, expertly advised me on my personal statement, supplementary essays, interviews, and resume to help me craft the most compelling and cohesive application possible.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Kyle was truly life changing. I got into my dream law school, something I know I couldn’t have done without Kyle and Advise-In Solutions. I couldn’t recommend anyone or any program more highly!"
– Sydney Wright-Schaner, Georgetown University Law Center

"I highly recommend Kyle Pasewark’s test prep and law school application services. Kyle proved a tremendous resource as I studied to retake the LSAT. He helped me pinpoint patterns in my errors and develop concrete tools to address them. His guidance for simulating the exam also helped me improve my concentration and handle the anxiety of test day. Kyle is personable and generous with his time. I studied for the LSAT while outside the U.S., and he was always flexible in arranging times to consult over the phone and Skype. He will be with you every step of the way."
– Dan S., Harvard Law School

"When deciding how to proceed with my LSAT preparation, I was led by a single question: ‘What will help me attain my best possible score?’  After evaluating several different opportunities, the answer was undeniably clear: Advise-In Solutions.  Kyle Pasewark is quite simply the best in the business.  His knowledge of the LSAT, and more important, his superior talent for teaching personalized strategies for success on the test, are unmatched.  Furthermore, his enthusiasm for the test preparation is evident and contagious.  Kyle uses engaging analogies and constant encouragement to help you build the complete skill set you will need to obtain your best score.   I would often do my LSAT prep after a 12-hour workday, and it was something I looked forward to and was sincerely excited about each time.  I cannot imagine heading into test day any more prepared than I was thanks to my Advise-In preparation."
—Eric Walder, Northwestern Law (171 LSAT; 38-percentile improvement to 98th percentile)

"Worth every penny.  When I started with Kyle, I was testing around a 150.  By the time we finished, I ended up with a 167 on the actual LSAT of October 2010.  Easier to understand, I went from the 50th percentile to finishing in the 95th percentile.  Kyle organized daily exercises and practice LSATs and personally reviewed everything to see my patterns, mistakes, and where I needed to improve.  I have a very difficult schedule between working full time and going to school full time (to say nothing of the two-hour time difference between the two of us).  Despite all of this, Kyle was always available to talk with me about my latest test or set of exercises."
– Jason Zundel, BYU Law (45-percentile increase)

"I cannot speak highly enough of Advise-in Solutions. When I entered exam day, I felt as ready as I could possibly be. My LSAT score was a sixteen percentile increase from the diagnostic exam I took before I began the course, and I scored higher than 4 of every 5 people who would otherwise have been ahead of me.

What makes the course at Advise-in Solutions particularly worthwhile is the personal interaction and customizing of your preparation. Kyle is always available, acts as your guide and, as he puts it, 'your conscience, Jiminy Cricket,' there to make sure you are on top of your assignments, know how to tackle every type of question, and are always ready to answer the question in front of you."
--Alex A. Akhavan, UCLA Law (16-percentile increase to 96th percentile)

"Your time and talent gave me the edge I needed to go into the LSAT with confidence. The techniques were priceless. I particularly struggled with games, and they went from my weakest section to my strongest. I could not have succeeded as well as I did, including receiving a merit scholarship, without your help. I am forever indebted to you for all the hard work you put into my future. "
– Rachael Whitaker (55-percentile increase)

"Before working with Advise-In Solutions, I felt the same pressure to score well on the LSAT that all first-time LSAT takers experience. I was overwhelmed by the immense amount of information out there. But as an Advise-In Solutions student, I was given the fundamental skills and tools that not only helped to eliminate the mystery and intimidation that shrouds the LSAT, but also gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to put my best foot forward on test day. Advise-In Solutions turns the LSAT into a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with insights that will carry you beyond law school. By working with Advise-In Solutions, law schools that were originally out of reach suddenly become very real possibilities."
– Lillian (previously took Knewton) (last name and test information withheld at client request)

"I recommend Advise-In to anyone who is serious about the LSAT. The program surpassed my expectations and easily surpassed what any other program could have helped me achieve. I couldn't imagine any more personalized, rigorous and holistic program. There were no tricks or gimmicks, only straightforward techniques that were easy to learn and apply."
– Jason Moor, Manager, Greenfield Labby LLP, New York, NY (41-percentile increase; previously took Princeton Review and TestMasters)

"The best LSAT instruction available anywhere. I was surprised and moved by the personal, individual and caring touch. I was able to attend a Top 25 Law School and I am a named partner at our law firm."
– Will Rodgers, Partner, Spencer & Rodgers, LLC

"Dr. Pasewark is one of the most influential teachers of my life. He helped me make an all or nothing choice to take the LSAT, then stuck with me to help me accomplish my goals."
– Taymour Semnani (41-percentile increase; previously took Kaplan)

The Best LSAT Preparation to Achieve Your Best LSAT Score

Getting your best LSAT score is the single most important factor in determining law school options and opportunities, merit-based financial grants (reducing your student debt load) and, as a result, your post-law school career options and long-term earnings potential. With 100,000 - 150,000 people taking the LSAT every year, obtaining your best score — not just an average LSAT score or good LSAT score — is vital, and it's possible only with the best LSAT prep course available.

The Advise-In Solutions Difference. Advise-In's LSAT preparation program is structured to put you in a position to get your highest LSAT score, so that you can leave the LSAT confident that you have done your best work and won't risk the disadvantages of taking the LSAT a second time.

Consistently outstanding LSAT results

More than 20% of Advise-In's LSAT clients obtain an actual LSAT score of 170 or above (only about 2.5% of test-takers worldwide achieve a score of 170 or above), with an average LSAT score increase of over 15 points for these clients.

More than 40% of Advise-In LSAT clients finish in the top 10% of LSAT takers worldwide.  On average, for all 2018 test cycles, clients improved by over 14 points and 42.25 percentiles; so, for every 100,000 LSAT takers, the average Advise-In client jumped over more than 42,000 competitors, nearly half the field.

How Do We Do It?  Expertise, Dedication and Attention, not Tricks.

  • Highest-quality Instruction. Advise-In Solutions’ combination of LSAT expertise, teaching excellence and personal service is unmatched. No one else can guarantee that you will receive all of your LSAT preparation exclusively from a perfect 180 scorer with over 15 years of LSAT teaching experience.
  • Only Individual Attention: It's Just You. Education professionals know that personalized learning is the most effective; that is the only kind Advise-In Solutions offers. Maximum class size: one. No groups or generic advice, just LSAT solutions tailored specifically for you. Kyle Pasewark limits the number of LSAT clients to assure each the personal attention needed to obtain his or her highest LSAT score.
  • Systematic, Custom Designed Program. One-of-a-kind 10-week custom program designed so that you can be at your best on exam day.
    • Our 10-week LSAT program is, we believe, the optimum length. Much longer, and you are likely to be past your peak; less, and you are unlikely to have reached your potential.
    • Specific, systematic methods for analyzing and answering every LSAT question type.
    • Specialized LSAT study techniques for building and dissecting arguments on the LSAT writing sample.
    • Regular assignments and personal review and discussion of each assignment with you, reinforcing and customizing straightforward and simple LSAT methods and strategies for your needs. In person, by phone or by webinar, depending on your location and schedule.
    • Real-time adjustments based on your personal learning style, progress, trends, strengths and weaknesses.
    • Techniques for exam management (including managing exam day).
      • Understanding is only half the battle. Technique and timing are crucial to LSAT success.
      • Only personal instruction can best refine your technique, develop your ability to focus for a long exam day, overcome its inevitable distractions and help you avoid silly mistakes.
    • Strategies for those who think they “just don’t do well on standardized tests,” “can’t finish on time,” “get nervous,” “panic,” “just can’t get this type of question” or have other common problems.

Why Your Best LSAT Score Matters

  • A higher LSAT score dramatically improves your chances of admission. For the LSAT’s effect on admissions, try plugging in a few sample LSAT scores on LSAC's website. Some elite schools, including Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley (Boalt), Chicago, Cornell and Georgetown do not include data.
  • Even small improvements can have a significant impact. At more difficult-to-achieve scores, seemingly small changes in your LSAT raw score make crucial differences in grant and admission opportunities.
    • Many law schools offer dedicated grants (public service or other scholarships that depend on post-law school practice) for upper-echelon candidates.
    • For top candidates, many schools offer unrestricted “no strings attached” grants.

Check our LSAT start dates so you can begin your LSAT preparation in time to get your best LSAT score.

Download your free copy of our white paper, "Five Key Reasons LSAT Takers Fail to Achieve their Highest LSAT Score"


Download your free copy of our white paper, "Five Key Reasons LSAT Takers Fail to Achieve their Highest LSAT Score"

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