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"Much of what I have learned about lawyering has come from Kyle."

"Working with Kyle is among the most challenging and satisfying components of my time so far [as a lawyer]."

– Anonymous upward reviews by junior lawyers

Law School and Beyond

Once you’ve been admitted to law school, you must maximize that investment as well. Advise-In’s long-term support and knowledge of the legal markets help you do just that.

  • Law school can be intimidating. Advise-In Solutions helps you hit the ground running with an introduction to law school that includes:
    • Primer on legal reasoning.
    • Study of selected cases common to first-year law school curricula, how law schools expect you to examine and understand them, and how to brief them.
    • Principles of legal writing, and how good legal writing differs from good non-legal writing.
    • Becoming an impressive classroom presenter, and avoiding common mistakes law students make.
    • Keys to navigating the law school environment.
  • Employment Opportunities. Sooner than you think, you’ll have to apply for summer positions following your first year of law school, and early in your second year, for the often-crucial summer position following your second year. You may also be thinking about clerkships or other post-law school opportunities. Kyle Pasewark's legal practice experience and deep knowledge of the legal employment market will help you manage those opportunities from the start so that you can get the most out of your law school investment.
  • Orientation for Law Firm Associates.  Many of our clients join law firms after graduating from law school. Law schools aren't focused on preparing their students for the opportunities and demands of that environment. Advise-In's orientation program gets our clients ready to meet the challenges of law firms from their first day.
  • Being a Better Lawyer.  Every step on your way to becoming a lawyer—from LSAT preparation to successfully landing your best job after law school—is an opportunity to develop and refine abilities that will help you be a better lawyer. Each Advise-In program incorporates the development of legal training and lawyering skills. Only a consultant like Dr. Pasewark, a longtime lawyer who understands the actual practice of law at its highest level, can integrate legal practice skills into every program for pre-law and law students.


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