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"I cannot speak highly enough of Kyle and Advise-In Solutions. Kyle was not only a tutor, but a mentor and counselor.  Kyle not only helped me overcome the LSAT, an obstacle that I previously believed to be insurmountable, but over the approximately ten months we worked together, expertly advised me on my personal statement, supplementary essays, interviews, and resume to help me craft the most compelling and cohesive application possible.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Kyle was truly life changing. I got into my dream law school, something I know I couldn’t have done without Kyle and Advise-In Solutions. I couldn’t recommend anyone or any program more highly!"
– Sydney Wright-Schaner, Georgetown University Law Center

"Kyle has extensive experience with the admissions process, a keen attention for detail, and a critical eye. He helped me polish my application materials and then package them so as to highlight my strengths. He is also committed to helping applicants maximize their financial aid. I not only gained admission to many top law schools but also earned several lucrative scholarships."
– Dan S., Harvard Law School

“From the initial stages of test preparation through the final decision of where to place that seat deposit, applying to top law schools is a long and arduous process.  From our very first conversation through the final thoughts of which school to pick, Kyle was always available and relentlessly supportive.   From advice on asking for letters of recommendation to advice on responding to law school offers to ensure you are getting the best financial package possible, Kyle’s guidance was essential.  Despite having below a 3.3 GPA, next fall I will be attending my top choice, Northwestern University Law School.  Not a day goes by that I am not incredibly grateful to have made the decision to sign up with Kyle and Advise-In Solutions, and I would highly encourage anyone who wants to get in to the school of their dreams to do the same.”
—Eric Walder, Northwestern University Law School

"Dr. Pasewark far exceeded my expectations, providing me with insights on choosing which law school to attend, as well as earnings potential. I recommend Advise-In without reservation."
– Christopher M. Russell, Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

"Kyle was there throughout the entire process to lead as an expert, but he respected me like a colleague. I didn't fully appreciate the one-on-one attention until the writing stage. Every minute of our time was devoted to making my application personal, idea after idea, draft after draft. We highlighted my strengths and overshadowed my weaknesses to create a package that made me different from every other candidate, resulting in competing scholarship offers and a seat with my name on it. I look forward to working together in the future to maximize my career potential."
– Nathan Canova, Associate, Dosey & Whitney, Minneapolis

"After completing Advise-In's LSAT program and obtaining a 167 on the actual LSAT (up from around 150, and the 50th percentile, to the 95th), I continued with Kyle Pasewark's  law school consulting program and have been equally impressed with his advice and help pertaining to applications, supplemental essays, and especially my personal statement.  He also did specific research for me detailing the top schools in my GPA and LSAT score range, my chances at each, and gave me specific advice for the schools I chose to apply to.  I would not be in the position I am in, with the opportunities open to me, if it weren't for Kyle Pasewark."
– Jason Zundel

Law School Application and Admission Advising for Your Best Law School Admissions

A strong law school application package helps you stand out from others with similar LSAT scores and GPAs, and can compensate for certain weaknesses.

  • First Impressions Last. You have a limited first opportunity (just a few pieces of paper) to tell schools who you are and why they want you in their incoming class. A powerful presentation can move you up the admission and financial grant ladder, just as a suboptimal presentation can adversely affect your options.
  • Admission Committees Won't Do Your Work for You. Law school admissions committees review many applicants whose hard data (LSAT scores, undergraduate GPA) are similar. Your application must be a cut above. Conversely, if there are "off notes," reviewers have little incentive to explain them for you; they can simply turn to the next candidate.

The Advise-In Solutions Difference. Advise-In's law school admission consulting is committed to you. Your consultant, Kyle Pasewark, a J.D. from top-ranked Yale Law, will help you develop your best admissions profile. He takes the time to get to know you, your strengths, challenges and best law school prospects.

Advise-In Solutions works with you to design the best possible application portfolio, including:

  • Developing a compelling picture of yourself:
    • Personal statement. Presenting a clear image of why law schools want you. Your law school personal statement is often the most valuable part of your application portfolio other than your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA.
      • Your personal statement is your best opportunity to show who you are and what you will bring to a law school class. Kyle Pasewark helps you craft a clear, unified and inviting message.
      • Applicants often use law school personal statements poorly. Common mistakes are presenting the applicant’s résumé a second time or emphasizing characteristics of an applicant that law schools already assume.
    • Letters of recommendation. Choosing the right recommenders based on your law school application profile and experience, and getting the most out of your letters.
      • The best law school application letters are not necessarily (or usually) written by the "highest profile" recommenders. Advise-In Solutions helps you choose the right recommenders and the most effective way to approach them to obtain a strong, specific letter that will stand out from other applicants' generic letters.
      • The confidentiality of recommendation letters presents special risks; Advise-In Solutions helps you navigate those risks.
    • Résumé. Crafting a clear, brief and easy-to-digest résumé for law school. Avoid common mistakes of too much or too little information, failing to highlight what is really unique about you and unprofessional presentation.
    • Special factors. Properly presenting any special issues. Applicants often have biographical characteristics that need explanation: for example, why law school now (a common issue for second-career applicants), a substandard GPA in one year or semester, etc. Applicants often put too much or too little weight on these factors, or unnecessarily use valuable space in their personal statement.
    • Integrating your application. More important than any individual document is crafting an integrated picture of what you offer. Kyle Pasewark's attention to your law school application as a whole is dedicated to ensuring that admissions committees have a powerful impression of you and your potential contributions to their class.
  • Choosing the right law school targets. Navigating the many law school choices is daunting. Advise-In Solutions will help you target an optimal group of law schools for your scores, abilities, background and ambitions, and will help you choose a law school that's right for you:
    • Developing an efficient application strategy and implementing school-specific strategies based on your likelihood of admission.
    • Exploiting available financial aid and grant opportunities.
    • Maximizing special strengths and interests, including how much law school claims to specialize in certain areas of the law matter.
    • Helping you fully consider career flexibility and earnings potential, how much debt you are likely to incur and how difficult it will be to pay it back in a challenging market.
  • Effective coordination with other advisors. You may have professors, legal professionals or others advising you. Advise-In Solutions will coordinate with other advisors to implement the most efficient application process.


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