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Our Mission

Advise-In Solutions has a single mission: helping law school applicants maximize admissions, financial grants and aid, and career potential. The significant difference in career flexibility and earnings potential that law schools afford their graduates, combined with the high cost of all law school education and a difficult post-law school employment environment, mean that your highest LSAT score, best application package and having a head start in law school are more important than ever. Advise-In's programs are built for today's markets.

What We Do

Advise-In Solutions operates solely one-on-one with its clients: no classes, groups or generic advice. Advise-In Solutions accepts a limited number of clients so that you receive individualized, tailored advice. All of our services are available individually or as part of money-saving combinations to take you to law school and beyond.

Admission: The First Step

  • LSAT Preparation. Preparing a limited number of clients per exam period with an unparalleled system, personal attention and teaching expertise.
  • Law School Admission and Application Advising. Navigating the application process, and formulating the application plan that maximizes your individual admission, financial assistance and grant opportunities.

Your LSAT score and application package are the highest-impact investments you can make to expand your admissions and aid options.

Once You’re In!

Advise-In’s long-term perspective and support don’t stop once you’ve been admitted to your law school of choice.

  • Law school “boot camp.”  Preparing you for your first year of law school:  what law schools expect from you and how you can deliver.
  • Employment during and after law school.  Focusing on the opportunities available for summer employment and your legal career – and finding the right fits for you.
  • Orientation for new law firm associates.  For clients joining law firms, orientation to what law firms expect of new associates.
  • Developing skills to make clients better lawyers.  Every Advise-In program simultaneously develops program-appropriate skills that have a long-range focus on developing lawyering talents.

Your Career Investment

  • Your Prior Investments. You've already made significant investments in your law school application, including your education, and other job, service and time investments.
  • Advise-In: A Forward Looking Investment. Even if you have another term or year of school remaining, you can increase the value of those prior investments only on the margin. No individual grade or activity (although important) is likely to influence your law school opportunities as much as your LSAT score and shaping what you have already done into a superior application package. Of course, admission to law school isn't the end.  We know that law school is an investment, and after admission, we help you maximize it.


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