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Kyle PasewarkI started Advise-In Solutions to help law school applicants and students secure their best admissions, financial aid and employment results.  All Advise-In programs—from LSAT preparation to application advising, law school “boot camp”, employment advising and law firm associate orientation—are custom-designed for each client.  I only accept a small number of LSAT clients in each exam cycle so that each of them receives all the personal attention needed to obtain their best LSAT score.

In 2001, I received my J.D. from Yale Law School, and then practiced law at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, one of the nation’s and the world’s leading law firms.  As part of my pro bono practice, I continued to teach a one-week LSAT prep and application advising course (which I was asked to do in 1998 based in part on my 180 LSAT score and my prior career as a professor).  Before Yale, I received my Ph.D. from The University of Chicago in 1991 and was a college professor; during my 7-year teaching career, I published three books and numerous articles and reviews.

My experience puts me in a unique position to provide my clients with superior services from the moment they decide to take the LSAT to employment during and after law school. Others offer one or more of these services. None offer Advise-In's comprehensive expertise, long-term experience and personal commitment to clients. Nor do other programs focus on using each program to develop the skills you'll need to become an excellent lawyer.

I also promise you this:  Advise-In won’t trot out the credentials of a founder you’ll never see or talk to.  In all Advise-In programs (which are available à la carte or in combination), clients interact exclusively with me, not a temporary consultant or teacher who is implementing a “guru” founder program.  A former legal client told me that Advise-In Solutions seemed to be my labor of love.  He’s right, and I think it’s only right that the person whose credentials are at the front of a company is the person who works with you.

Despite the many products on the market, law school applicants and students often don’t have what they need to maximize their investment in law school and their career opportunities.  That is true even in LSAT prep, where, in view of the virtually limitless number of options, you would think there couldn’t be any market gaps.

When I decided to take the LSAT, I did an intensive search to find someone who could help me span the significant distance from where I started to what I believed could be my best LSAT score.  I found none; indeed, I thought that most would hurt me more than help.

The market hasn't changed. There are only two basic service types: mass-market classroom-based prep courses and hourly-fee tutoring. There are a lot of problems with both service models. Neither is structured to produce a custom-designed personal program to get students their best possible score (classrooms aren't personal and hourly tutoring discourages addressing problems early enough to make a significant difference). I also think that most are poorly designed, weighing students down with complicated techniques that are impossible to remember or apply on exam day. And they're often taught by temporary employees or tutors without demonstrated teaching excellence.

Those and other problems lead many students to Advise-In Solutions, often after having taken other companies' LSAT prep programs. Although Advise-In Solutions is a comparatively new company, my students have succeeded in gaining admission to top law schools: Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Boalt, Duke, Virginia, Cornell, Georgetown and others. Some students likely would have been unable to go to law school at all without the significant score increase and application help they received.

In the practice of law and in teaching, the best results for clients and students alike come from expert advice combined with intensive personal attention.  And in both teaching and law, student and client success brought me the most fulfillment. That is why my commitment is to the highest-quality personal service in pursuit of each client's greatest success in law school admissions and legal practice.

Take some time to look at Advise-In's programs and my blog, and contact me by e-mail at or by telephone at 212-249-2718. I think you'll find that Advise-In Solutions is unique in the high quality of its programs and my personal commitment to your success.


Kyle A. Pasewark, Founder


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