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"Speaking of law schools, if you're thinking of going, this is the kind of analysis you should undertake"

"I have never before formally endorsed a 'commercial' outfit. Advise-In Solutions is more than another test preparation company. It is a full-service program with the objective of helping every student enrolled in the program earn his or her best score on the LSAT, helping those students put together impressive applications to law school, and actually providing them with the chance to simulate the law school experience prior to matriculation. The biggest difference between Advise-In and other companies is its founder, Dr. Kyle Pasewark."

– Dr. Frank Guliuzza, President, American Collegiate Moot Court Association; former Chair, Pre-Law Advisors National Council; former President, Western Association of Pre-Law Advisors


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Focused LSAT Study Techniques Redux:  Why Speculation about Whether the LSAT Tests “Intelligence” Actually Hurts LSAT Takers and What it Means for Your Best LSAT Score

As with many topics among the academically inclined, discussions about the LSAT often turn quickly to theories of what the LSAT “really” measures, and one of the common candidates is that it’s really a modified intelligence test.  That’s a consistent theme at LSAT forums I’ve attended as well.



Education Research Reveals that Testing Is a Learning Experience:  Some Implications for LSAT Preparation (and Why Just Testing Doesn’t Go Far Enough)

The journal Science reports the findings of a study that testing itself is one of the best ways to learn and master difficult material.  Better than studying without testing—lots better.  That confirms what I’ve known for a long time about the LSAT and is part of Advise-In’s Free White Paper, “Five Key Reasons LSAT Takers Fail to Achieve Their Highest Score.”  One of the best ways to prepare is to take actual LSATs—under conditions that replicate the test as well as possible—often.  But it’s not enough.  It’s the type of practice and its focus that matters, not mere practice.  The get the best LSAT prep, you’ll need focused practice.



Advise-In’s Free Webinars Return:  Join Advise In Solutions Founder Kyle Pasewark for “How To Learn To Stop Worrying and Love LSAT Logic Games” (Wednesday, January 19, 2011)

We took a holiday season breather in December from our popular Free Webinar Series.  But we’re back just in time for the February LSAT.



The Best Time to Read Blogs About LSAT Techniques and LSAT Prep (Hint, It’s Not the Night Before the LSAT)

Normally, this blog gets a fairly even distribution of reads between its principal categories, the LSAT, Law School Admissions, Beyond Law School and Becoming a Lawyer.  Not so during the few days before the LSAT, when LSAT prep traffic explodes relative to the other categories.  Similarly, Advise-In’s free white paper on the five major reasons why LSAT takers don’t get their highest score on exam day gets more downloads right before the LSAT.



A Few LSAT Exam Day Reminders (and Good Luck to December’s LSAT Takers!)

Tomorrow and Monday are the December test administrations for thousands of LSAT takers.  Before the October exam, I put up a post on what LSAT takers should and should not be doing in the days before the LSAT, and especially the day before.  That post proved so popular that it’s reprised below.



Bathroom-Based Mass LSAT Preparation: A Sign of the Legal Market

I do a bit of traveling to university and college campuses across the country.  On a recent trip, I talked with a law student who mentioned in passing that a prominent LSAT prep company had posted an ad recruiting as instructors/tutors law students in need of a job—on law school bathroom doors.



“I Hate LSAT Logic Games: The Simple Way To Do LSAT Grid Games”:  Join Advise-In’s Free November Webinar (Thursday, November 18, 2010)

I'm pleased to announce Advise-In Solutions' free November 50-minute webinar for pre-law students, “I Hate LSAT Logic Games: The Simple Way To Do LSAT Grid Games.”  In recent years, grid games have been one of the 3 most popular types of LSAT analytical reasoning questions.



The Season to Consider Repeating the LSAT is Upon Us: Should You or Shouldn’t You Retake the LSAT?

In a couple of weeks, takers of the October LSAT will receive their scores.  Some will be disappointed in their LSAT score and consider repeating the LSAT.  I’ve received calls already from October’s takers, availing themselves of Advise-In's free initial consultation and asking whether they should repeat the LSAT.  The best answer differs for each person but there are some useful benchmarks for thinking about whether repeating the LSAT is right for you.



Why Procrastinating Doesn’t Make Law School Applicants Happy (and Why It Doesn’t Stop):  Part Two, Minimizing Procrastination

In yesterday’s post, I talked about a terrific summary of behavioral economics literature on procrastination by James Surowiecki, and its application to law school applicants.  I identified a few interrelated issues: that putting off studying for the LSAT and preparing law school applications isn’t just a matter of will power but frequently involves fear of failure and unrealistic assessments of how long the necessary work will take (including the likelihood that applicants’ time will be waylaid by other demands).  At the core is often a conflict among the procrastinator’s many wills, so a key part of reducing the tendency to procrastinate is to strengthen the will that actually wants to get the work done.



Why Procrastinating Doesn’t Make Law School Applicants Happy (and Why It Doesn’t Stop):  Part One, the Problem

Jim Surowiecki has a fine summary of the burgeoning literature on procrastination in behavioral economics in a recent New Yorker.  A few points salient for all those who delay preparing for the LSAT and putting their law school applications together:



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