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"Speaking of law schools, if you're thinking of going, this is the kind of analysis you should undertake"

"I have never before formally endorsed a 'commercial' outfit. Advise-In Solutions is more than another test preparation company. It is a full-service program with the objective of helping every student enrolled in the program earn his or her best score on the LSAT, helping those students put together impressive applications to law school, and actually providing them with the chance to simulate the law school experience prior to matriculation. The biggest difference between Advise-In and other companies is its founder, Dr. Kyle Pasewark."

– Dr. Frank Guliuzza, President, American Collegiate Moot Court Association; former Chair, Pre-Law Advisors National Council; former President, Western Association of Pre-Law Advisors


Advise-in Blog

NALP Data on the Law School Class of 2010 Shows Bleak Employment Picture

NALP’s preliminary analysis of employment for the law school class of 2010 (as of February 15, 2011) was released yesterday.   (NALP’s comprehensive report will be available in August; if you're a law student or prospective law student, make it required reading.)  The news is not good.  I tend to understate, and "not good" is a pretty good example of that.



Pre-LSAT Prep: A New Advise-In Solutions Program (at no extra cost) to Help You Achieve Your Best LSAT Score

In early 2010, I did a blog post about how to prepare for the LSAT before you actually start preparing for the LSAT.



Law School Debt Gets Uglier for Law School Students in the Last Decade:  A Debt-Reduction Checklist for Law School Applicants

On Friday the 13th, it’s appropriate to blog about something not entirely cheerful.  The Hartford Business Journal reports that from “2001 to 2010, the average amount borrowed annually by law students for their three-year degrees increased 50 percent…This past academic year, law students borrowed an average of $68,827 for public educations and $106,249 for private educations,” “far [outpacing] the rate of inflation.”  As a rough way to think about this, it means that well over half of average law school tuition is debt-financed.



Integrity and LSAT Preparation: Using LSAT Prep to be a Better Lawyer

Two of the real pleasures of doing what I do at Advise-In Solutions are providing long-term support to my clients and helping clients further develop skills that will help each be a better, more professional lawyer.  Those are reasons that Advise-In works with a limited number of clients.  Not only is that the best way to get the measurable LSAT and admission results my clients and I want but it also invests me in their success in a way that just isn’t possible for a high-volume business.



More on the “Closer” Approach to LSAT Preparation: Recovering from a Difficult LSAT Question (or a Blown Save)

Baseball is back!  I’m probably happier about that than many of you, but I wasn’t very pleased when, the night before last, Mariano Rivera, known as “Mo” and acknowledged as the best “closer” in the history of baseball, blew a save for the Yankees.



The Economics of Law School Tuition: Lessons from Undergraduate Education

Henry Riggs, president emeritus of Harvey Mudd College, did a terrific piece in this Sunday’s Education Life section of The New York Times, entitled “The Price of Perception.”  The subtitle: “Cost Has Nothing to do with Tuition.  It’s Economics, Stupid.”



You’re Getting Sleepy:  What Cognitive Science Tells Us about Common Advice to “Get Enough Sleep” Before the LSAT (and Your Future Efficiency as a Lawyer)

It’s common advice to LSAT takers to be sure to get enough sleep the night before the exam.  More often than not, it has the ring of “I don’t really have anything helpful to say, so I’ll say what you’ve known from your mother since you were three years old.”



The LSAT Is Not a “Standardized Test” (and Why Realizing that is the First Step to Overcoming Fear of the LSAT)

The title is not a typo.  The LSAT is, that's right, not a standardized test.



The Differences between Good and Excellent LSAT Performance, and Why the “Smartest” LSAT Takers Have the Most Trouble Reaching their Potential

A couple of nights ago, I watched the two remaining Mountain West Conference teams in the NCAA tournament play (unfortunately) their final games of the season.  I don’t watch much college sports but I’m from the Rocky Mountains originally and still have a little rooting interest for the conference and affection for the region.



The Importance of Cognitive Science for Obtaining Your Best LSAT Score

I’m proud of the success of Advise-In’s LSAT prep program. The average increase in my clients’ score is over 12 points and 30 percentiles. That’s very high. It’s especially high since about half of my clients come from other LSAT prep programs, so that any gains from those programs aren’t attributed to Advise-In Solutions. Any company can point to successes and would rather not point to shortcomings. That’s why averages are important, since they incorporate the results of students companies would rather not (and generally don’t) tell you about. I will tell you: our average is 12 points and 30 percentiles.



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