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"Speaking of law schools, if you're thinking of going, this is the kind of analysis you should undertake"

"I have never before formally endorsed a 'commercial' outfit. Advise-In Solutions is more than another test preparation company. It is a full-service program with the objective of helping every student enrolled in the program earn his or her best score on the LSAT, helping those students put together impressive applications to law school, and actually providing them with the chance to simulate the law school experience prior to matriculation. The biggest difference between Advise-In and other companies is its founder, Dr. Kyle Pasewark."

– Dr. Frank Guliuzza, President, American Collegiate Moot Court Association; former Chair, Pre-Law Advisors National Council; former President, Western Association of Pre-Law Advisors


**NOTICE** (October 2023) Advise-In has reached its maximum number of clients for 2023 and early 2024.  In addition, I have decided to close the business to new clients after that.  Current clients will continue to be served, of course.

I opened Advise-In in 2010 to provide LSAT and admissions advising in a way that no one else in those businesses did.  The vast majority of my clients were as committed to their work as I was, and together we produced improvements in LSAT scores and admissions opportunities that I believe are unmatched in the industry.  That doesn’t mean everyone finished in the top 1% of LSAT scorers or got into a top 5 law school, though a lot did.  That success means that those clients did their very best and left nothing on the table in effort, commitment or willingness to learn.  All of us can be proud of that.

There comes a time when, however much one enjoys one’s work and new friendships, there are other things one would rather be doing or feels one needs to do.  For me, that time seems to be now.  Thank you to all the clients who succeeded and helped me succeed.

The website and blog will remain active for a few more months; the free You Tube videos will remain up indefinitely.  **NOTICE**


Advise-In Solutions serves clients throughout North America, Asia and Europe, and offers a full range of personalized services for law school applicants and law students, including:

Advise-In's Kyle A. Pasewark is a Yale Law School graduate; perfect 180 scorer on the LSAT who practiced for over eight years in New York City at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, one of the nation's top law firms; former college professor; and author of several books.

Kyle Pasewark's students have been accepted at law schools throughout the United States, including:

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